Gloriana: Elizabeth the Queen – Summer 2018

Elizabeth I in coronation robes The story of Elizabeth I told in ten pictures charting her evolution from the Virgin Queen to Gloriana. Explore Elizabeth’s carefully crafted image; the men who remained by her side until the ends of their lives, the factions that revolved around the court and the way Elizabeth used courtly love to control her nobility. Explore the way the Virgin Queen used marriageability to manipulate foreign affairs and the difficulties of being Protestant in a Catholic world. Meet Mary Queen of Scots, Philip of Spain, Lord Cecil, the Earl of Essex as well as a hand full of privateers and Robert Carey.

Tutor – Julia Hickey
Fee – £77.00 or Free
Venue – WEA, The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HB
Date – Tuesday 10:00am – 12:00pm, 10 meetings from 10 April 2018
Course Ref – C2338765

Enrolment is now open – go to or call 0300 303 3464 to book your place


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