Elizabeth and Leicester – Spring 2018

Darnley stage 3
Find out about Elizabeth I’s love affair with Robert Dudley; their imprisonment in the Tower during the reign of Mary I; the death of Amy Robsart and Elizabeth’s relationship with her cousin Lettice Knollys who was banished upon her marriage to the earl of Leicester. Consider the question that the King of France asked – “Is Queen Elizabeth a maid or no?” Delve into the way Dudley carved a political and military career for himself as well as breaking free of Elizabeth to make his own marriage. Explore the complexities of their relationship. When he died in 1588, Elizabeth shut herself away with grief. An opportunity to consider the private life of royalty and the impact of a traitor’s son and grandson upon the politics of the period as well as to look at the way in which the scandal of “Sweet Robin” resonates down the centuries.

Tutor – Julia Hickey
Fee – £53.90 or Free
Venue – WEA, The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HB
Date – Tuesday 10:00am – 12:00pm, 7 meetings from 23 January 2018
Course Ref – C2338764

Enrolment is now open – go to wea.org.uk or call 0300 303 3464 to book your place


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