Philosophy: truth, ‘post-truth’, and thinking skills – Autumn 2017

truth-166853_1920.jpgTo some ‘post truth’ means freedom from the tyranny of rationality and experts. To others it is another word for ‘lies’. Develop and practice philosophical skills to understand truth and post truth better and to evaluate claims that we now live in a ‘post truth age’. We will cover: 1. what we mean by ‘true’ in everyday language; 2. Definitions of ‘post truth’; 3. Different philosophical ways of understanding truth; 4. How the proponents of post truth and ‘fake news’ understand truth; 5. How to analyse arguments philosophically; 6. whether rationality is the opposite of emotion; 7. The relationship between argument and rhetoric; 8. how to apply the techniques of philosophical analysis to ‘post truth’ claims.

Tutor – Bettina Lange
Fee – £84.70 or Free
Venue – WEA, The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HB
Date – Friday 1:15pm – 3:15pm, 11 meetings from 22 September 2017
Course Ref – C2337861

Online enrolment is available from 20 June – go to


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