Should I vote?

Ballot boxElection in a few weeks and I’m expected to vote but I don’t understand much about politics – help!

Does my vote really matter? Can I make a difference?

Who and what do the parties stand for? What are the differences between them – if any?

Based on past evidence, are the politicians’ promises likely to be kept?

Have you ever wished you understood politics better and could follow current affairs, spot the flaws in politicians’ arguments and make an informed choice on polling day?   Or do you think politics is dull, boring, pointless or irrelevant?

This short course will set the parties in a historical context, examine the different priorities and values in British politics today and explore how each of these is represented in the political parties.

It will not tell you how to vote!  But it may help you to identify your own set of values and where they are located in the political spectrum. There will be opportunity for discussion and debate, giving you the chance to form or reconsider your views of some issues of the day.  By the end of the course you may feel able to use your vote more confidently and perhaps further your social and political involvement.

Tutor: Rod Hawgood
Date & time: Wednesday 10.15am-12.15pm, 3 meetings from 15 April 2015
Venue: The Mill, Lodge Lane, Derby DE1 3HB

To book a place call: 01332 291805 or email:


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