Open day: What’s happening

We’re having an open day on September 14, and this is what is happening on the day.

  • WEA tutors to talk to about what the WEA is, what we stand for, what sorts of courses we deliver – art classes; print workshops; personal development; politics; creative writing; family history and archiving; history of ceramics; literature; military history; wildlife; poetry; music and many more
  • What is social purpose education? Watch film clips and discuss it together
  • Display of an old Co-op Women’s Guild Banner
  • 12.30pm   Showing of the film ‘The Rochdale Pioneers’ about the setting up of one of the very first cooperative shops
  • A display of handmade fabric jigsaw pieces sewn in support of Save the Children’s, Race Against Hunger Campaign. The Craftivist Collective encouraged people to help create this giant jigsaw embroidered with messages, to raise awareness and to lobby the government to use its power and influence as it hosted the 2013 G8.
  • A craft activity all day to help us to think about where our clothes are made and the wages earned by the people who make them. There are no easy answers but if you ‘LOVE FASHION AND HATE SWEATSHOPS’, this is something to consider. Craft activism is working ‘to change the world one stitch at a time’!

Welcome to the Mill on Lodge Lane on 14 September! We’re open 10-3.


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